Hi, this is ________ from sbaloans.business. I am calling because you have signed up for information regarding the PPP and I wanted to make sure you know that our PPP application is now available. 


I can streamline the process for you by asking you a few questions and sending you the application link. 


Who we are

We are from SBALoans.Business - we're partnered with BFA Business Capital and Cross River Bank to process PPP Applications. Cross River funded over $6.5 Billion in PPP funding in the first round and was one of the fastest lenders in the country.



<-------- Go to form



After you send the email keep the customer on the phone.

Tell them the following:


1) You should have received an e-mail with the subject line PPP Application


2) Go ahead and click the link in the e-mail


3) You should see a link that allows you to start the application.


4) You are good to go to start your application. Be sure to put in your EIN number and NAICS code to lock in your position in line for funding. Would you like me to stay on the line while you fill out the application?


5) If you have any further questions please call me back at 888-388-8377.