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Lines of Credit

Lines of credit offer small business owners functional financing to fill the gaps in their cash-flow cycle. A revolving credit line gives you access to an approved volume of funding that is available for any business expense. Draw as much as you want from the available credit and only pay for the amount you use. The available credit is restored as you make repayments, allowing you to once again draw funds as needed.

Why choose a Line of Credit?

Funding Term

Up to 24 Months

Funding Speed

1 - 3 Business Days

Max Funding Amount

$1 Million

Credit Score




Interest Rate


Businesses with high credit scores, high monthly revenues and a length of over 3 year in business are the most qualified for a business lines of credit. Businesses that meet these qualifications usually receive the best terms. Flexible financing like lines of credit provide a safety net for businesses in case the need ever arises for some quick capital. Take advantage of a line of credit and always have peace of mind.

Is a Line of Credit Right for Me?

What do I need to Apply?

Online Application

Quick and Secure

Business Bank Statements

Most Recent 4 Months

Debt Schedule

List of outstanding Business Loans

Photo ID

Confirm Identity

Void Check

Wiring Funds

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