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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance loans are short term financing tools that can be lifelines for businesses with limited business history or low credit rating. Repayment is automatic and based on a specified percentage of the business’ credit card transactions. These loans do not require business owners to provide collateral in order to qualify.

Why choose a Merchant Cash Advance?

Funding Term

6 to 18 Months

Funding Speed

1 - 3 Business Days

Max Funding Amount

$1 Million

Credit Score




Interest Rate


Businesses with low credit, moderate revenue, and limited business history but high volume of credit card sales can utilize a Merchant Cash Advance. MCA loans are very easy to qualify for so almost all businesses who take credit card payments can qualify. MCA’s typically have shorter terms with higher interest rates and therefore are used as a last-case scenario.

Is a Merchant Cash Advance for Me?

What do I need to Apply?

Online Application

Quick and Secure

Business Bank Statements

Most Recent 4 Months

Debt Schedule

List of outstanding Business Loans

Photo ID

Confirm Identity

Void Check

Wiring Funds

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