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SBA Loans

SBA loans serve to contribute to the growth of businesses by offering government backed long term, low interest solutions. SBA loans are business loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration and provided by lenders. While they can have a lengthy paperwork process and long approval times, they have the lowest down payments and interest rates, and longest repayment terms.

Why choose an SBA Loan?

Funding Term

Up to 30 Years

Funding Speed

4 to 12 weeks

Max Funding Amount

$10 Million

Credit Score




Interest Rate

Very Low

Is an SBA Loan Right for Me?

Business owners with strong credit scores are qualified for SBA loans. Various personal and business documentation will be requested during the loan process for analysis of the business and owners so be prepared to dedicate both time and attention to secure an SBA loan. Businesses that can prove past growth and provide a plan for future growth are most likely to be approved.

What do I need to Apply?

Online Application

Quick and Secure

Tax Returns

3 Years of Business and Personal Returns

Personal Financial Statement

Detailed Loan Purpose

Business Bank Statements

Most Recent 6 Months

Debt Schedule

List of all Outstanding Debt

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