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Term Loans

Term Loans provide small business owners a safe and easy solution to their financing needs. These loans do not require business owners to provide collateral in order to qualify. Collateral is an asset, such as a home or vehicle, that you own and agree to use as security for repayment. Unsecured loans allow you to keep these assets safe in the event you are unable to repay the loan.

Why choose a Term Loan?

Funding Term

Up to 18 Months

Funding Speed

1 - 3 Business Days

Max Funding Amount

$2 Million

Credit Score




Interest Rate


Is a Term Loan Right for Me?

Businesses that have generated revenue for over 6 months and have moderate credit scores are eligible for an unsecured business loan. Since this type of financing is based on revenue and credit score, the higher the two are the better the terms of the financing will be. These types of loans are easy to be approved for and have a fast funding process.

What do I need to Apply?

Online Application

Quick and Secure

Business Bank Statements

Most Recent 4 Months

Debt Schedule

List of outstanding Business Loans

Photo ID

Confirm Identity

Void Check

Wiring Funds

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